The One Bag was built for you, ballerinas.

A Bag that takes care of Ballet shoes!

PC: 2014 Florida International Intensive. Faith Adams is wearing the long-sleeve Yumiko half-zip jacket on stage left.

 It is designed to house your shoes.  It retains a minimalist, sleek, and properly formed design while you plie, saute, and passe. It’s meant to be your partner when you take your shoes with you to the studio, during a break from your class, and after your session. Your movements are light, graceful, and fluid in your pointe shoes; buy a bag designed to mirror your movements, class, and activity.

Its features are abundant yet discreet. You’re at dance for twenty to sixty hours a week. That is approximately 31,000 hours of dancing each year. The myriad of pockets are enough for your phone, snacks, keys, and wallet. Some pockets have zippers and offer more security and stability while others are meant for easy and quick access.


7LeagueAthletics is proud to offer the One Bag for ballerinas. The bag is a perfect stage for the shoes when they aren’t on your feet. They are for any one who strives for perfect performances. Ballerinas, buy your One Bag.



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